What Can A National Championship Football Game Teach You About Success In Network Marketing?

I’m still thinking about the game, as well as the glare of a “winner” I saw that night…

A few years ago at the very first time in over 35 years that the Texas Longhorns took home the National Football Championship trophy, and you don’t have to be a sports enthusiast to take a few valuable lessons from the match in which they played USC at Pasadena, California.

Many of you are looking for huge success, both financially and in different areas that you live in. The game that was a shambles at the Rose Bowl had a lot to teach us about the art of success.

Texas quarterback Vince Young summed up an essential element of success in the field of sports, business, and in life with this simple phrase. “Do whatever it takes.”

Wow, how chic.

Indeed, Young, one of college football’s best players of recent times was able to follow his own guidance to guide Texas into their first ever national title since 1970. Was it simple? No way. Texas played USC the team that has not just one not two, but three Heisman trophy winners (Heisman is the prize given every year to the most outstanding college athlete football).

USC had been undefeated for 34 consecutive games, and were leading in this game, also, particularly in the closing quarter.

With 38-33 in the lead, and under 30 seconds remaining, Texas was down to its last chance to take the win and set a record. When they went for third down they were blocked by USC and left with only one play and 19 seconds remaining in the clock.

The team was only 8 feet from the goalline and was not even close to a simple score when playing in a national championship with an incredible team that is looking for to win every bit as equally as you do.

One chance. Take it or leave it. For a moment you can feel the fear or self-doubt, at the sight of Vince Young. However the “do whatever it takes” attitude took over and the doubt or fear was swiftly wiped away. The ferocious glare and certainty of a winner who has been decided came back.

The Longhorns made it to the final game of the championship as a team as well spbo terlengkap as to the score currently. However, if you were watching the game, you could notice on Vince’s face: Vince had taken the decision that he was going who would take the game into the endzone and nobody would hinder him.

and… this is exactly what Vince did. With just 19 seconds left in the clock, and the 4th play, Vince dropped back to throw, before tucking the ball in his arms and launched an all-out sprint for the endzone, running through defenders before launching over the line to score an important touchdown.

To ensure USC did not have a chance to beat the team with the field goal instead of making an extra goal, Vince retained the ball in the conversion and went to the goal line and added two points to the board , giving the final score of National Championship 41-38.

Texas was crowned National Champions.

What can we learn from this?

As with football Network marketing is a matter of collaboration. However, in the end it is YOU who are accountable for your personal achievement or deficiency. Your personal actions as well as your behavior, could affect your entire team.

An attitude that is positive and positive can spread.

In a split second, he decided that he was going “do whatever it takes” and then executing on it How many people did Vince influence? Was it only Vince? Was it the entire team? Maybe it was just every Texas football fan in the world or perhaps anyone around the world who enjoys stories of success and also learns from these stories.

In reality, Young wrote his own ticket in Pasadena. How many additional million dollars he’ll make in his professional life because of an “do whatever it takes” attitude isn’t clear however, it will be millions. And it could be yours too… If you agree with that philosophy and implement it.

It’s now your turn. Create today your Rose Bowl. Simply do what you need to today to achieve what you’d like to. Define what “win” is to you and succeed at any cost.

If it means you have to put in an extra hour, then do it. If it involves doing some reading and learning in order to come up with new methods to increase customers to your site Do it. Perhaps it’s about learning to become a better instructor to your business.

It’s not always an easy ride. Sometimes, it’s hard work, determination and drive that will get you to the place you’d like to be But it’s well worth it.